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Frank Zeichner

Member, Bass

Choir Details

Office(s): ASIC Director
Bank Account Signatory
Management Committee
Bass Rep


I’ve loved choral singing since being a teenager. The joy of making a communal sound that lifts both the singers and the audience was an unexpected surprise when an American, Rodney Rothlisberger, passionate about choral singing and deeply knowledgeable about the American choral tradition took over the choir for a couple of years at Melbourne High School. Later at “Badde Manors” in Glebe after a chance meeting with the Elevators and Tony Backhouse I became part of the quartet – what a hoot. At that time Tony had the gospel bug and we spent time listening and emulating groups like the Soul Stirrers and the Golden Gate Quartet – and often with original music written by Tony. Small wonder, that it would lead to me joining the “Café’ which Tony started soon after – albeit it took me 17 years to do it. God knows why it took me so long.