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Mr Chris Ward

Member, Bass

  • Choir Details
  • Office(s): ASIC Director
    Founding member? Yes
  • Bio/Profile
  • Chris attended the second rehearsal of the choir in 1985 responding to the original invitation displayed at Badde Manors Cafe inviting all comers (Buddhists welcome) to join a newly forming gospel choir. Rehearsals began in the living room of Tony and Judy Backhouse. Performances started within weeks, the first  being an uninvited one in Sydney's Queen Victoria Building. The fabulous acoustics which drew them  there  also quickly caught the attention  of security and they were moved on. Undeterred, they reassembled across the road in front of Woolworths and unbidden donations soon enabled them to buy coffees for all. Chris' first choral experience was with St Augustine's Boys Choir led by Fr. Patrick Fahey O.S.A. Chris joined in 1961 singing his way down to the bass section in 1969 in his final year of high school. Rehearsing every day before school, this choir won the NSW Choral Championship for Boys in 1966 with Adjudicator  John Nicholls noting that the choir was 'remarkably, unbelievably, surpassingly good'. A contract with Festival Records produced a series of vinyl treasures. Singing with the Cafe has  also inspired Chris to perform with two gospel bluegrass vocal quartets, The Treble Clems and The Amazing Grace Brothers.  Chris still loves to sing.