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Scot Morris

Member, Bass

Choir Details

Office(s): ASIC Director
Copyright and Regulatory Officer


Scot started singing in choirs as a boy soprano, RSCM etc and relished music through school and Uni – choirs, musicals, viola, piano etc. Lived in Avignon and sang in a baroque choir at the Avignon Conservatoire, came back to Sydney and discovered an amazing a cappella gospel choir that had recently started up – 27 years later and he's still singing in the cafĂ©! Recalls when he started in the choir, he was managing front of house at the Dendy cinema, and the choir had done the soundtrack of Jan Campion's film “Sweetie” – the Dendy had the opening party and an amazing gig by the choir…..Now works in international music copyright, chasing up overseas royalties for our composers and songwriters…..