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Tina McLeish

Member, Soprano

Choir Details

Office(s): Bank Account Signatory
Childcare Coordinator


I have loved music and dance for as long as I can remember. I performed in musicals such as The King and I and Godspell.

I love singing with the Cafe because it is my midweek pick me up. The magic we get to create by singing in four part harmony and to be able to perform in some pretty special places with some amazing musicians is an absolute honour. To see people be moved and stirred by our sound is just beautiful.

My favourite Cafe song to perform depends on the mood, but Asimbonanga, Reign in Jerusalem, Window in Heaven and Shine On are all favourites.

Cafes values are what keep us all together and I love when we are able to use our music to raise awareness and speak up for those like refugees who have had their rights taken away. Compassion, joy, listening to each other, improvisation, light and shade, respect, growth, lifting each other up, holding each other in high regard.