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Pete Mahony

Member, Tenor

Choir Details

Office(s): Tenor Rep
Sound coordinator


Growing up in a time when families sang together during long car journeys, and harmonically at mass, I was finally inspired by the Beatles cartoon show to build my first guitar from a ruler and rubber bands. Folk mass, guitar pop vocal duets with my sister, the godless heartland of Neil Young, postpunk angst and defiance, then the Castanet Club (dags who do good) including the Edinburgh Festival. Meeting Tony & Judy Backhouse, and getting in on the ground floor of the early days of the Cafe. MD for Wogs Out of Work and Acropolis Now! Live. Lately, more your backyard ukulele player, with occasional lapses on drums and guitar. Recently graduated with a Masters of Teaching in secondary music, although my allergy to school staff-rooms flared up again. Luckily a Cafe-return is helping me keep my pitch up!