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Tracey Greenberg

Member, Alto

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Founding member? Yes


I had been singing in funk/soul bands for 10 years and had just about tired of having to scream over the top of guitarists, drummers, horns and timbales when I saw a sign in a Glebe cafe saying “Gospel choir forming, Buddhists welcome”, and my voice was saved! Tony Backhouse’s soulful arrangements of traditional African-American Gospel songs made my heart soar and I have become an Acappella convert .I love our ability to connect with an audience through voice, whether it’s original Gospel; our own original songs inspired by the African - American  tradition; or some of the African roots music we perform that are so often liberation songs. I think our strengths are that we not only have brilliant soloists, but we also work hard, with Dynes Austin’s direction, to achieve a blend of our voices so that the soloists have a solid and sublime backing. And all without a Marshall Stack on stage!