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Ms Liu Halaifonua Palu

Member, Alto

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  • Having been born and raised in a traditional Christian and Tongan home, all Liu has known is the love for Jesus and Singing. Before discovering her love for Gospel music and artists such as Mahalia Jackson and Nicole C Mullens, her love for Gospel singing was birthed in her home and in her local Tongan church through learning and singing traditional Tongan Hymns (always sung in acapella). Liu joined Café in 2017 after hearing the choir perform at the "Room at the Inn" gig in St Stephen's Uniting Church and receiving encouragement by fellow members Kent and Reece to audition. Being a member and singing with her Café family fills her with 'Otua (God), Mo'ui (life) and Melino (peace), all of which she also hopes to share with audiences through Café' rich and soulful harmonies.