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Shona Gallagher

Member, Alto

  • Choir Details
  • Office(s): ASIC Director
    Bank Account Signatory
    Management Committee
    Altos Rep
  • Bio/Profile
  • Shona’s love for singing developed during her childhood when she performed with Newcastle’s NBN Children’s Choir and took classical singing lessons. After discovering Nina Simone among her parents’ record collection Shona realised that opera was never going to let her get her groove on and that other musical genres were waiting to be explored. A Bachelor of Theatre/Media followed, and while Shona’s fire breathing technique is solid, the remainder of her circus skills have been allowed to slide. Shona has performed with various Sydney a cappella groups, including seven years with Ising On The Cake. She joined CafĂ© in 2015. Shona is a team player who finds bliss in crunchy chords and close harmonies.