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Shona Gallagher

Member, Alto

Choir Details

Office(s): Management Committee


My favourite Café song is "Love and Joy". This song captures everything I love about singing with Café especially as I am an aethiest. Performing with the composers, Trace Greenberg and Tony Backhouse, is a huge added bonus. Growing up, I was one of those kids who never stopped singing. I trained through my teens in Newcastle with mezzo-soprano Irene Waugh and performed for years with the NBN Television Childrens Choir. In those days, musical director John Foreman was a boy soprano, and our piano accompanist was Brian Castles-Onion. I loved performing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Bach's St Matthew Passion and Handel's Messiah, but my music world really came alive when I disovered Nina Simone and Joe & Eddie among my parents’ record collection. I left Newcastle to complete a Bachelor of Theatre/Media at CSU Bathurst. I have performed with various Sydney a cappella groups, including Stuart Davis' Ising On The Cake. I joined Café in 2015.