February 20-21 / 27-28
  St Andrews, Balmain.
March 22  
Sweet Harmony In The Rocks, the Rocks.
May 1, 2, 3   Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion.
May 13   ASCOM music camp, Collaroy.
May 23   Opera Australia Benefit Auction, Channel 7.
April 14   'Club A cappella', Top Gun, Newtown, with Heavenly Light Quartet, Crocus Quartet, Amazing Grace Bros and Six Degrees of Modulation.
May 29 - 31   St Matthews, Manly.
June 26 / 27  

Amnesty International benefits, Eastside Uniting Church, Paddington with Wrong Church, Honeybees etc.

June 28   Willy Harvey's Benefit, Wild Space, Newtown.
July 25   St Stephens Church Hall, Newtown with Jackie Orszacszky and Tina Harrod.
July 30   Sydney Eisteddfodd.
August 3   Eisteddfodd.
August 11  

'Mars Bar Lite' Launch, the Abbey, Glebe.

August 14   Living in Harmony symposium, Darling Harbour Convention Centre.
August 27   Sydney A cappella Festival Gospel night, with the Honeybees, Sisters, Brothers, St Francis of Assisi, Paddington.
September 6   Camperdown Park.
September 26   Naked Voice, Eastside Uniting Church, Paddington.
September 27   Community Aid Abroad Benefit, Chatswood with Unaccompanied Baggage.
October 3   Sydney ChoralFest.
November 14   Newtown Theatre with Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir.
November 27   Peoples Choice Awards.
December 6   Christmas Unwrapped, Salvation Army concert, Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.
December 9   Family Funk Christmas.



January 26  

Australia Day - A Gift To The Nation (Channel 7) Darling Harbour with Jenny Morris, etc.

March 22   Eastside Uniting Church, Paddington w. Heavenly Light Quartet.
March 23  

Sweet Harmony in the Rocks, the Rocks.

April 1   Who Weekly anniversary party, MCA, with Jenny Morris, Rene Geyer, HLQ.
April 13  

Camperdown Park.

May 7   Kinselas; with special guest Tim Finn.
May 9  
SAA Benefit, Balmain Town Hall.
May 10  
Bougainville Benefit, with Heavenly Light Quartet and Valanga Khoza
Oregon Ballet Theatre includes 'Far Beyond Us' recording in program.
June 27   Health Service dinner, Sydney Uni.
June 28   St Stephens Church Hall, Newtown, with special guest Jenny Morris.
August 19   Sydney A cappella Festival, St Andrews, Balmain with Sisters, Ari Erlich, and the Amazing Grace Bros.
August 29   Record for AFL Grand Final.
September 11   St James Church, Sydney with special guest Doug Williams.
September 20  

Tim Finn wedding/ Amnesty Benefit, St Phillips, York St.

November 5   The Basement, with Sisters.
November 15   'Naked Voice' A cappella Festival, Eastside Uniting Church, Paddington with Sisters.
December 3   Chifley Plaza Christmas function.
December 15   SAA Christmas Party, St Johns Church Hall.
December 16   'Oscar & Lucinda' premiere, Victoria Barracks.
December 18   Globe, Newtown.