Australia's premier gospel a cappella choir

Singing for Freedom - Leichhardt - the first performance of our 30th year!

Sat, 12 Mar 2016
Leichhardt Town Hall
107 Norton Street, Sydney New South Wales 2040
Please join us for an important charity gig, “Singing for Freedom” for the Indigenous Justice | Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

We will take you on a unique musical and visual journey which explores the stories of despair, endurance, protest, hope and joy behind the songs which informed and supported the struggle for freedom for African-Americans and still inspire causes today. We use the uplifting power of song, arresting visuals, spoken word and film to tell the story of the historical struggle for civil rights around the world.

The Cafe of the the Gate of Salvation will take you from the beginning of the fight from slavery to the freedom bus rides in the USA and Australia. We tell the story through the gospel-inspired freedom songs to the present day, where the struggle for freedom continues in the recognition for our indigenous people and asylum (freedom) seekers in Australia.

Last year we did this at the Camelot Lounge sold out before the doors opened - so please get in early with your bookings.

Tickets: $25/$15/$10 prebooked, online:
$30/$20/$15 on the door

We are Café of the Gate of Salvation, Sydney's premier a cappella gospel choir. Inspired by the footstompin', soulful music of the African-American vocal tradition, we sing because we love to and we share our voices, to foster inclusiveness, compassion & joy
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"The sound in the room was absolutely wonderful and the hair on the back of my neck was raised."
Mary Cotter, Walkley Foundation